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Facing a possible labor interruption can be stressful with so many unknown scenarios to plan for. Paramount is here to be your partner through this process and to help you reduce potential consequences.

At Paramount, this is our approach to industrial strike staffing across the country: assessment, recruiting, pre-positioning, deployment, and project completion. We work hard to assess your specific needs and create a customized solution that includes sourcing, accommodating, and training qualified workers. We also ensure safe transportation across picket lines for all of our employees. After you have ratified a new labor contract, our project completion provides a smooth transition back to your workforce.

The Paramount advantage offers a streamlined experience, delivering staffing solutions and business continuity plans specific to your business’s unique needs.

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Step 1: Assessments

Paramount starts every project by partnering with our client to assess all potentially affected facilities while developing an understanding of the history, culture, procedures, and processes. We take that information, in addition to labor distribution, production quotas, material flow, and all other critical factors into account to create a realistic, efficient staffing plan.

Step 2: Recruiting

The Paramount recruiting process starts by outlining project-specific work requirements and job descriptions. We then search our 30,000+ employee database to single out workers who have relevant experience and are already cleared by Paramount. We can also place employment ads if necessary and screen incoming calls and resumes. Having a Paramount staffing plan in place can significantly reduce lead-time usually associated with locating temporary replacement workers.

Step 3: Pre-Deployment

Paramount understands that the quality of work reflects on your company’s reputation.  Regardless of any anticipated work stoppage, it’s important that there is no immediate decrease in production in order to preserve customer satisfaction and vendor trust. Our pre-deployment phase allows you to demonstrate that company obligations will be met, no exceptions.

We understand how crucial it is that some areas of your production remain operating and cannot be shut down when a work stoppage occurs; having a strike replacement staff pre-positioned allows a seamless transition for those critical operations. These replacements can be deployed in advance of a potential work stoppage and are ready to go when needed.

Step 4: Deployment

Paramount has a reputation as an industry leader in strike preparation and execution, contingent staffing, orientation and training, workforce recruitment and performance standards, and any other necessary logistics. Our deployment process is engineered to ensure a speedy rollout and a successful implementation. The following elements are standard with any Paramount deployment:

  • Workforce Deployment – Paramount manages the organization of driving schedules, workforce flight departures & arrivals, housing, local transportation, and local orientation.
  • Orientation & Training – Paramount manages employee registration, confidentiality agreement execution, required testing, identification procedures, job-specific standards, procedure training, and orientation at an off-site location.
  • Workforce – Paramount sources and employs highly qualified on-site coordinators to ensure production runs as smoothly as possible and continues to meet your high production standards.
  • Performance Standards – Paramount works with you to clearly establish the standards for productivity, performance, quality, and efficiency. Our on-site workforce coordinators then ensure these standards are being upheld every step of the way.

Step 5: Project Completion

Paramount executes every step of our manufacturing strike staffing services with acute attention to detail, ensuring each stage is smooth and efficient. We are prepared to act quickly, properly disbanding the contingent personnel upon the union’s return, doing all that we can to minimize the impact our workforce could have on the returning permanent staff. It’s crucial to return to normal operations as soon as possible after the settlement of a labor dispute. Our fast yet thorough disbandment process consists of two crucial elements:

  • Workforce Phase Out – A project-by-project assessment of each department in order to determine the readiness for a handoff to permanent personnel and to preemptively address any issues that could potentially delay handoff.
  • Follow-up Evaluation – An evaluation of the entire project to further improve your company’s business continuity plan and recommend any adjustments to your current operations to increase efficiency and production rates.

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