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Paramount is more than a database of workers. We provide on-site coordinators that are ready to interact directly with your own management team to ensure all goals and expectations are understood and accomplished efficiently. Our temporary staff management services in California and nationally provide employees that are well-trained and ready to work, reducing tardiness, turnover, retraining, and other issues that could create inefficiencies.

By employing a Paramount managed workforce, you will see substantial time and cost savings, allowing your operations to gain efficiency and avoid co-employment. We handle all administrative duties associated with hourly workers, simplifying internal processes.

Paramount on-site temporary staff management offers excellent solutions to numerous staffing challenges, including:

  • Seasonal production increases
  • New facility start-up
  • Facility shutdown
  • Facility relocation
  • Lock-out/tag-out projects
  • Scheduled facility maintenance
  • Red tag projects

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