Over the years, we have perfected our method of recruiting and deploying temporary and/or replacement workforces. Our clients take comfort in knowing a personalized business continuity plan is in action. We take a holistic approach to strike staffing, arming our clients with expert advice on how to handle a wide spectrum of labor disruptions and negotiations.

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Investigate Client Goals

  • Formulate client expectations and needs for upholding normal operations
  • Address safety concerns and logistics issues
  • Define specific employee skillset requirements
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Business Continuity Planning

  • Pre-strike assessment
  • Training: NLRB, ULP avoidance, strike readiness
  • Process documentation and technical writing
  • New plant startup and logistics planning
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Recruiting and Pre-Positioning

  • Nationwide recruitment
  • Background check and skill verification (as applicable by law)
  • Certification and off-site training are available for an incremental fee
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  • Arrival and departure transportation
  • Workforce deployed to on-site coordinators
  • Project-specific orientation
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On-Site & Safety Management

  • First aid trained first responders and AHA healthcare providers are available by request
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Project Completion

  • Managed departure of workforce
  • Completion or transfer of work in progress
  • Determine lean operation capabilities
  • Prepare for return of union workforce
  • Evaluation
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