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The Paramount Consulting team is made up of seasoned labor experts with years of experience planning and executing services designed to help support our clients’ business continuity plans. Our labor continuity consulting based in California helps businesses nationwide create an effective communication strategy that is tailored to their circumstances and unique audiences, keeping everyone on the same page.

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Business Continuity Planning

In an ideal world, no one would need to use business continuity planning services in California or elsewhere, but reality requires preparation to ensure a fair and equitable labor union contract. Creating your own well-developed plan is the simplest thing you can do to ensure you are prepared for anything that could challenge your production.

We want to equip our clients with powerful negotiating leverage that can be used against any bargaining tactic. Creating a customized plan for keeping your business under control in the face of natural disasters, labor disruptions, or other events out of your control is what Paramount is known for. We have years of experience across a wide range of industries.

Business Continuity Playbooks

A Playbook is a tangible resource that can bring your company confidence as it answers questions, defines company policies, and offers you the peace of mind of knowing you have a plan to continue production regardless of the challenges you may face. Paramount is an unparalleled leader when it comes to creating a custom plan designed to train and prepare managers for any possible labor interruption.

NLRA and Strike Preparation Training

Paramount offers personalized training that provides your supervisors with knowledge and direction on how to communicate effectively with union membership to deliver a message consistent with company policy, strategy, and culture. Our consulting and training services can reduce unfair labor practice charges while building productive relationships between salaried and hourly personnel and staying within NLRA guidelines.

Process Documentation

At Paramount, we have talented technical writers and consultants that can perform:

  • job safety analysis
  • physical demand documentation
  • review and update of existing documentation
  • documentation of job steps
  • capture of tribal knowledge
  • process analysis
  • review and revision of training materials
  • document management system design and implementation
  • drawing packages in physical and digital mediums

We also highlight opportunities for process improvement and support organization development.

Management Training

Paramount Consulting can create proactive programs that guide your management through recognizing and addressing labor union tactics and properly reacting to workplace disruptions. This comprehensive program addresses both common and uncommon labor union strategies and tactics and helps ensure that salaried personnel conduct themselves in a proper and legal manner before, during, and after a labor stoppage or union dispute. Paramount’s training programs are customized for every client’s unique needs, including responding to union tactics, minimizing Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges during labor negotiations, preparing for the return of the union workforce, and union avoidance training for non-represented sites.


Paramount can create cross-docking services to respond to the difficulties that may arise when carriers and vendors refuse to cross a picket line. Our cross-dock solutions can be a valuable asset in keeping your shipping and receiving operations running smoothly, allowing you to meet your production requirements during a strike or lock out.

Strike Safety & Security

If a labor disruption is imminent, it’s curial that your company’s workforce is safe and secure. Paramount is not a direct security provider, but our expertise in assisting our clients with choosing an appropriate vendor is invaluable. We work with only the best third party security providers nationwide to meet your unique needs for labor disruption planning.

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