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As an experienced strike and temporary staffing agency, Paramount Consulting Services is proud to provide across-the-board staffing services that have helped companies in times of need for over 10 years. From crisis planning and temporary worker deployment to strike planning, Paramount is confident we can help your company, whatever challenges you face. Take a look at our additional services to learn more about how Paramount can help your business stay productive.

Working in California
California has strict policies, and we know finding compliant solutions for temporary staff or labor support used to be difficult; we work with you to find unique solutions to ensure compliance.



Our experts will assess your facilities, policies, and more to present you with an accurate picture of your potential weaknesses and needs.



Our specialists will prepare and execute communications with all stakeholders involved in a labor disruption, from employees to vendors and more.


Contingency Planning

With a comprehensive contingency plan from Paramount, you can ensure that your organization will continue production and remain profitable during a work stoppage.


Crisis Planning

We plan for more than just labor disruptions. From natural disasters to relocation, our crisis planning will have your company ready for almost anything.



Paramount will work to provide a seamless transition from your traditional workforce to our temporary staff, keeping production at a steady level.


Documentation Services

From documentation of your facility to consolidating drafts and other materials, our documentation services ensure that your business will never lose track of important information.


Management Training

Paramount’s extensive management training is a forum for salaried staff members to be provided strategic guidance on their interactions with union workers and how to maintain proper conduct.


Playbook Development

Even if a labor disruption is not on the horizon, having a strategic plan in place is essential to preventing future confusion, frustration, and profit loss.



If you are anticipating a work disruption, Paramount will complete orientation and training with your temporary workforce to ready them for a smooth transition. Staging them in the local area so that they can be deployed on short notice, keeping critical operations running.



When you’re facing a labor disruption, you often don’t have the time to quickly find replacement workers. Paramount will find the skilled, qualified labor you need.



Whether opening new locations, shutting down old operations, or simply relocating, Paramount creates client-specific plans and assembles workforces to help get the job done.


Strike Safety

The safety of your organization, assets, and temporary workers is one of our top priorities. Learn more about our safety program and the deployment of safety managers.


Strike Security

Paramount does not provide security services, but we have a depth of expertise available to help you choose the right security vendor. We have experience in partnering with security vendors, we can provide guidance on critical services that should be provided.

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