Industrial Consulting Services that Put You in Charge

Paramount Consulting Services also offers manufacturing and industrial consulting services that include plant startup/shutdown assistance, documentation services, and relocation services. We’re confident we can help your business face any combination of these challenges. Paramount professionals have years of experience in finding the manpower you need to make business transitions manageable, from organizing equipment transportation to training and educating temporary and permanent employees. After assessing your building’s schematics and documenting your mechanical assets we can give you a detailed labor strategy tailored for your facilities and built to increase efficiency.

Startups, Shutdowns, and Relocations

Paramount can provide planning, project management, and labor services to meet your specific startup, shutdown, or relocation needs including:

  • Relocation consulting, including location research and identification
  • Equipment/machinery moving, including disconnect, rigging, packaging, crating, and shipping
  • Equipment/machinery connections, setup, and testing
  • Facilities preparation/setup, facilities maintenance, mock and initial production runs
  • Production and maintenance manpower, including supplemental or full workforce for production pre-shutdown or upon start up.

Industrial Documentation Services in California & Nationwide

Paramount Consulting also has the ability to fully document every aspect of your equipment and your facility, providing you with drawing packaging in physical and digital media.

Manufacturing documentation services provided:

  • Job aids
  • Work instructions
  • Process documentation
  • Efficiency review

Other additional services include:

  • Site and floor plans
  • Equipment layouts
  • Electrical schematic drafting
  • Process piping schematics
  • Material handling schematics
  • Air handling schematics
  • Drafting

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